Rudolph Valentino…August 23, 1926…At Rest

May 6, 1895–August 23, 1926

A Remembrance by Friends

There was quiet mourning for Rudolph Valentino, away from the crowds. There were private friends, friends who will remain unknown to us forever…A simple remembrance from two friends, placed ninety-six years ago in Variety on Wednesday, August 25, 1926.

“Time travel me back.
Let me say good-bye again.
A minute more,
a moment,
a chance to see. . .”
― Sarah Crossan, Moonrise

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”
― Thomas Campbell

“Friends come into our lives and friends leave our lives. But friends never leave our hearts. And best friends always get to stay in the best places in our hearts.”
― John M. Simmons, The Marvelous Journey Home

Source of the quotations: The Fifty Best In Loving Memory Quotes

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