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NOTE: Posts which pertain to Valentino and specifically to my family members are numbered, starting with “1″.

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1. Rudolph Valentino, My Family and Me

2. Valentino and My Family: Southern Italian Roots

March 6, 1921–The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Premieres in New York…

3. Part 1: Rudolph Valentino’s Family–His Parents …(and My Great-Grandparents and Grandparents…)

Rudolph Valentino’s Favorite Poet Has His Day…Dante Day, March 25, 2021…and a New Connection Is Revealed

April 25, 1921–“Uncharted Seas,” A Lost Valentino Film, Released 100 Years Ago Today…Go Back in Time to Read the Original Short Story and Meet the Author

4. Part 2: Rudolph Valentino’s Family and Mine: Siblings…and the Sadness of Infant Deaths

May 6, 1895: Rudolph Valentino’s Birthday…Remembered in Pictures, Poetry & Prose

July 8, 1921–“The Conquering Power” Released 100 Years Ago Today (Rudolph Valentino and Rex Ingram Clash)

Rudolph Valentino, Victor Mansfield Shapiro, and Pink Powder Puffs

Rudolph Valentino…….August 23, 1926

“Basket” versus “Casket”– How (and When) Was Rudolph Valentino’s Body Removed to the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Church?

Rudolph Valentino: His Body Ravaged As He Died, He Received “Giggles” in Death